2019-2020 Winter Pairs

28 Sep 2019-2020 Winter Pairs

WINTER PAIRS 2019 – First Round Sunday 20th October
Those who follow the Winter Pairs competition will know that after running the competition for the last few years, Neil Chadwick has decided it is time for a well deserved break. On behalf of everyone who has played in this competition – Thank you for all your hard work, now relax!

So with Neil stepping aside 3 people volunteered to take the reigns …… rather than cause disappointment we have decided to run the competition as “The 3 Amigos” – myself (Alex Mawson), Mike (2019 President) Robertson and Richard (I will help anywhere I can) Beilby.

After a various discussions over the past few months we have suggested a number of changes to the Winter Pairs format and eligibility, these have also been discussed these with the immediate Lady’s and Men’s Captains and Chair of C&H.

The changes / format are below. If you have any questions please drop any of us an email or text and we look forward to seeing as many pairs enter the competition as possible.

• Eligibility – Mixed Pairs (Male and Female pairs only)
• Membership Categories: Full 7 Day Members, Intermediate, Juniors
• £5 per person entry fee for the whole competition – sign up via the terminal in the shop OR via How Did I Do.
• Players must have an Active Congu handicap – As this is a rolling competition over a 6 month period, it is possible for a competitor’s handicap to become “non-C” after 31st December. If a competitor’s handicap becomes “non-C” then the Team will be excluded from the competition and all scores become null and void.
• All rounds played over 13 holes
• Full handicap 4 ball better ball – Ladies play to Red card and Men to Yellow – no shot “allowances” required
• Best 5 scores to count from 8 rounds (adjusted if any weeks are cancelled due to weather)
• Round by round handicap adjustments – if a team wins they have a 2 shots reduction for the next round they play, second place will have 1 shot deducted. Shots are returned after the next round – unless the pair is placed 1st or 2nd again where the additional reduction is taken for the following round they play
• Each team will have 1 Joker Card to play during the league stages which they MUST declare prior to starting their round (via V1 terminal). Playing your “Joker” will give you double points for the WHOLE ROUND TOTAL SCORE!
• Top 8 pairs qualify for knockout stages (1st v 8th etc)
• Those members who are looking for a partner, there is a sheet on the board in the clubhouse and we will try and find you a partner – or please drop an email to the address below.

We hope that the changes above will give our Mixed Pairs a fun and quick format over the winter months.

Sign up NOW via the terminal in the shop, How Did I Do.

Tee times become available tomorrow Sunday 29th September.


“The 3 Amigos” – Alex, Mike and Richard