Advance Notice of Annual General Meeting

28 Sep Advance Notice of Annual General Meeting

Advance Notice of Annual General Meeting
This is advance notice that the Annual General Meeting of Bracken Ghyll Golf Club Ltd will be held on Thursday 12th November 2020 @ 7pm.

The form of the meeting will be advised nearer the date and will be dependent upon the relevant COVID-19 guidance at the time. However, assuming either an in-person meeting with limited attendance (a quorum is 25) or a zoom meeting, your Management Committee has already determined that only essential company business will be transacted as below:

Business to be conducted:
1. President’s Report
2. Treasurer’s Report
3. Approval of Company Accounts (financial year ending 31st March 2020)
4. Member Subscriptions 2021-22
Management Committee proposal: No change. Fees as this year.
5. Election of Officers 2021-22

• Vice President (3 years, 1 as Vice-President, 1 as President and 1 as Immediate Past President)
• Secretary (2 years)
• Treasurer (2 years)
• Chair of Green (2 years)
• Chair of House (2 years)
• Membership Secretary (2 years)

1. Any two members of the Club (except Country members) are able to nominate any other member of at least one year’s membership of the Club to serve as an elected officer of the Club.
2. Nominations must be received by the Secretary not later than 29th October 2020 together with a letter or email from the candidate consenting to serve if elected. E:
3. A Nomination Form is attached. They are also available from the Secretary, Peter Knowles and the club office.

Finally please don’t hesitate to contact me should you need any further information or clarification.

Peter Knowles
Club Secretary