BG Fantasy Premier League: April/May Report (to Gameweek #35)

16 May BG Fantasy Premier League: April/May Report (to Gameweek #35)

BG Fantasy Premier League: April/May Report (to Gameweek #35)
This is the latest from your FPL Sports Reporter…..

As the fiasco of the ESL is now dead and buried and with the Premiership’s champions and relegation places having been decided there’s not much to get excited about. But hold on, our fantasy leagues are still the best place to get your ‘footie fix’ as there’s still plenty to play for over the next three gameweeks. “Nothing is decided until it’s decided.” Which pundit said that?

The last few gameweeks have been a bit full on I think. Football on the telly nearly every night and as my misses is getting a bit fed-up with me hogging the big screen tv all the time. I’m looking forward to a good old fashioned Saturday 3 o’clock kick-off. That way I can try to enjoy a round of golf and catch-up on my disappointment on MOTD.

I hope you remembered last week to give some thought to choosing your squad carefully as some players played three times in gameweek 35. I clearly didn’t as I only scored 42 points whereas eight of you scored over a 100 points. Well done to Fin Grimshaw and Jonny Barker with 119 points each.

Just three gamesweeks to go now in our Classic League and things are getting close at the top. I’ve adjusted the points totals as shown on FPL website by subtracting points brought by teams before the Bracken Ghyll league was launched in gameweek 22. But even so there are no surprises, leading team managers and points are:

Fin Grimshaw (1006)
Jonny Barker (995)
Morgan Grimshaw (983)
Matt Revis (958)
Cameron Borrett (927)
Jane Heyes (886)
Shirin Borrett (874)

That said I’ll make sure that VAR takes a good look at the points total before the Champions are crowned after gameweek 38.

In our HeadtoHead league things are getting very interesting. I think I’ll have to declare the winning champion manager after gameweek 35. Why? The astute amongst you will notice that only 8 teams are playing in gameweek 36 because when setting up the league I must have chosen to finish with a knockout phase to decide the overall winner.

So it’s quarterfinals this weekend with the semis and final in the last 2 gameweeks. So it’s earlier than anticipated. Congratulations to the bookies odds-on favourite the ‘Champion Manager’ Shirin Borrett with her team Chkica. Well done to all the other qualifiers, it could be you that’s crowned the ‘Champion of Champions’ after the knockouts. It’s still not yet decided!

Whilst cheering on Leeds during their magnificent win over Tottenham last week-end, some pundit wickedly commented that Spurs are still looking for a permanent manager. Don’t you even think about it Marcelo!

Best of luck from your intrepid BG Sports Reporter