BG Fantasy Premier League – Monthly Gameweeks Report

31 Jan BG Fantasy Premier League – Monthly Gameweeks Report

BG Fantasy Premier League – Monthly Gameweeks Report
Welcome from your new FPL Sports Reporter. Coach Ged’s done a great job in signing-up over 25 teams so far, but it looks like he’s been sacked by the Directors – must be due to a poor run of form!

So, Sports Reporter is here to give you a running commentary each month for the rest of the season. For those members who are curious to know what all the fuss is about and to the current enthusiasts, put your boots on, tie up your laces and just follow the links at the bottom of the bulletin.

So, as it’s half-way through the season already and as we’re only just getting started here at BGGC, in addition to your ‘Classic’ league, I’ve created a ‘Head-to-Head’ league to commence Gameweek 22. Teams plays each other for points, like in the real world. It’s like a derby match every week and we’ll be playing on a level playing field until the end of the season. Use codes at bottom.

Now let’s talk about the Movers & Losers.

Still top of the league is Cameron’s Bozzles Beavers, he’s been ‘warming-up’ since beginning of the season, but still, must be a decent squad. In January’s phase, a well done to Morgan’s ‘Lallanas in Pyjamas’ and Charlie’s ‘Nohandsfc’ with great performances of 276 and 271 points respectively.

But Manager of the Week must go to Simon, whose team ‘Wilco United’, first time out started with 76 points. How did you compare? Me, a loser, Bamford! Only a total of 5 points in the last three games, even when he’s been my captain for double points! Sorry Patrick I need to find a consistent striker, must study the transfer market, please don’t make me have to go to ManU!

Nearly time to go but ‘Wait!’ I hear some of you say, “what about us who are not so footie mad, what about fantasy golf?” You may ask. Well, why not join the Bracken Ghyll ‘Race to Dubai’ fantasy golf league I’ve just created? Not sure how it plays yet, but might be fun. See you there, the weather looks good on the Tour. Use the link below.

It’s full-time and I’m getting cold in the commentary box, a cup of tea and good meat pie needed, any recommendations?

The Sports Reporter signing off until the next time.

TO JOIN US and create your team, it’s simple, just use the links below:
Once joined the code for Head-to-Head league is: a38pmh
League PIN: rWDs7RgFxA