Bracken Ghyll Rabbits are Division D Champions

27 Jul Bracken Ghyll Rabbits are Division D Champions

Terrific season and a terrific night for our Rabbits Team.

They started tonight on 30 points along with East Bierley and Calverley were top on 34 points and expected to be crowned champions.

East Bierley lost 4-2 at Silsden and Calverley lost 5-1 at Silsden.

Bracken Ghyll won 6-0 at home against Headley Golf Club to win the league on 36 points.

I would like to thank our Rabbits Captain Peter Knowles for his dedication and commitment this season.

To our fantastic team members, Mike Lord, Tom Smith, Steve Thompson, Tom Witherington, Anthony Shirley, Jim Bird, Paul Atkinson, Lisle Richardson, Richard Bourdon and Anthony Tywang, thanks for a great season and supporting Bracken Ghyll Golf Club