BRS tee-booking disabled for early December

16 Nov BRS tee-booking disabled for early December

BRS tee-booking disabled for early December
As you will understand there is still great uncertainty as to the potential for us to be able to return to golf from 3rd December and to the terms and conditions for any such return.

These could determine what, if any, of the competitions currently in the diary can proceed and also the conditions for any social golf e.g. 2-balls only etc. In the worst case it could also entail a complete revision of the diary.

To this end the BRS tee-booking system has been disabled. So please be aware that you’re currently unable to book for any competitions or social golf for early December dates until the situation is clarified and we are able to advise members of the new post COVID lockdown policies and procedures.

As you would expect your Management Committee are planning for various scenarios and considering potential options.

We will keep you informed as more information becomes available but please be aware that it could be very close to the end of the current partial lockdown before we have any clear picture of the immediate future for golf.

In the meantime please stay safe.

Peter Knowles
Club Secretary
For, and on behalf of, your Management Committee