Catering on Men’s Night

09 Jul Catering on Men’s Night

Catering on Men’s Night
As I’m sure you are aware, we have been putting on a couple of specials each Tuesday evening, plus the usual sandwiches and pies.

Unfortunately this food offer has not proved popular and only four or five people have been eating. This cannot continue at its present levels and we need more of you to use the service or sadly it will have to be stopped.

Those that do eat find the food to be good value for money and very tasty, so maybe we are not offering the right types of food? Do you have any suggestions for menus?

What we are going to do is to continue to run the specials for another two weeks and if, after that time, there isn’t an increase in numbers then the specials will cease. Sandwiches and pies etc will continue to be available.

So please, use it or lose it – it’s in your hands.

Richard Beilby
Men’s Night Organiser 2021