Course enhancements to look forward to…

12 Mar Course enhancements to look forward to…

Course enhancements to look forward to…
As the 29th/30th draws nearer and anticipation mounts below is a summary of some of the enhancements you can look forward to on your return to the course:

* Clearance of trees and growth on 17th/18th to improve the overall layout and appearance;

* Pathway between 16th green and 17th tee;

* Completion of the pathway from the 1st tee;

* Re-design of 18th green (now two levels);

* Re-design of 2nd fairway bunker on the 12th i.e. the one nearer the green;

* New practice net and putting area;

* New flower beds on the drive to the car park (no more trolleys up the grass bank to the 1st tee!);

* Landscaping of car park flower beds;

* Re-surfaced car park;

….and then the work in progress:

* Additional overflow parking;

* Hard standing and starter hut on 1st tee;

….and then the unseen stuff like drainage works on the 1st and 11th using our newly re-furbished trencher. What’s more now we have the right ‘gear’ there’s the promise of much more drainage work to come – exciting times.

So there’s much to look forward to – even if the golf remains a challenge!

See you soon.

Peter Knowles
Club Secretary