Details of Seniors Team Competition on Monday 26th October

11 Oct Details of Seniors Team Competition on Monday 26th October

Details of Seniors Team Competition on Monday 26th October
The Seniors Captain’s Choice competition on Monday 26th October will be a 3-man stableford ‘hot ball’ over 15 holes. For details see below:

This is a three-man team event and one member of the team needs to go into the Pro Shop on the day to enter the team. Please enter wearing a mask. Each player will have £2.00 deducted from their account. Please ensure you have sufficient funds on your membership card.

As a team competition you CANNOT enter this competition through the HowDidiDo App or post your scores there after the competition although this facility will be available shortly. Place the completed card, signed by one member of your team, into the brown men’s competition box in the entrance lobby or the black post box outside.

When making out your card please enter all playing handicaps on the card and enter your names on the card in the same order you entered on the BRS tee-sheet. This assists the competition processor.

This is a team event where each player plays an individual Stableford off their full playing handicap with all scores to count on each hole.

The HOT BALL is to be played on every hole by a different player, alternating on each hole. THIS SCORES DOUBLE POINTS for the one who played it. Indicate on the card by CIRCLING the score of the player who played the HOT BALL. Failure to do so will not allow that score to be doubled. PAR for the competition over the 15 holes, including the hot ball is 120 points i.e. 15 holes x 8 points. There will be special extra prizes for any team beating PAR.

The tee-sheet goes live tomorrow so give some thought to your team in the interim.

Tom Witherington
Seniors Captain