Dress Code – A gentle reminder!

18 Sep Dress Code – A gentle reminder!

Dress Code – A gentle reminder!
According to the media (so it must be true!) lockdown and working from home etc has made us all more informal in our day-to-day clothing. Unfortunately this relaxed trend seems to have extended to the golf course too!

Whilst Bracken Ghyll prides itself on our ‘relaxed formality’ we do have a dress code for both on the course and in the clubhouse which is readily available in the handbook and on the club website and is re-produced below.

This is a gentle reminder to all members – young and old, new and long-standing – to please abide by this dress code and remember that you’re also responsible for the dress code of your guests.

Peter Knowles
Club Secretary


The club requires everyone using the facilities at Bracken Ghyll to conform to a standard of dress which is in keeping with the traditions and heritage of the game of golf, whilst recognising the ever-changing trends in fashion for both ladies, gentlemen and young persons

Dress code guidelines for on the Golf Course

• Recognised and conventional golf wear including collared shirts, long trousers and golf shoes.
• Tailored shorts for men
• Skirts or skorts yes, that’s a word!) for ladies
• Sleeveless tops with collar (ladies only)

Dress code guidelines for in the Clubhouse
• Smart, clean, casual dress.
• Jeans if smart in appearance and without any tears or patches.
• Smart or casual footwear including shoes, sandals or trainers.
Unacceptable dress in the Clubhouse or on the Golf Course includes:
• Track & shell suits, beach or sportswear, replica kits etc.
• Bermuda, combat and cargo style trousers or shorts.
• Collarless T-shirts or sweatshirts with large logos or slogans.
• Caps or any kind of headwear in the clubhouse.

All members, guests and visitors should comply with the club’s dress code as a matter of etiquette and respect for others. Please do not be offended if members of our staff are put in a position where it is necessary for them to bring the policy to your attention.

Juniors under 12 years of age are not subject to the dress code. However they are expected to be of tidy appearance.