Easter Monday Competition Results

07 Apr Easter Monday Competition Results

The Captains would like to thank all those that took part in the competition and congratulations to the first two teams. You can collect your prizes from the Pro Shop. Full list of results below.

The Captains

The Captains Easter Bank Holiday Monday Competition

1st R Narey/J Maude/W Storrie/M Culpin.                               111 Points

2nd J Paton/I Disley/T Fox/I Penny.                                            109

3rd D Anderson/M Vaughan/R Lucas/I Sadler.                           99 BB9

4th A Hill/A Mather/K Hepworth/M Hepworth.                         99

5th A Clarke/D Barr/P J Robinson/A Donald.                               98

6th S Borrett/G Faricy/N Boot/N Boot.                                         97 BB9

7th A Mawson/G Mawson/ M Robertson/A Robertson.             97

8th J Crellin/D Roberts/H Croft/F Downes.                                  96

9th T Witherington/J Witherington/F Kroon/G Witherington  95

10th P Gardiner/J Gardiner/P Templeman/L Templeman.       94 BB9

11th A Pritchard/S Cain/D Ackroyd/A Lancaster.                        94

12th A Lyall/A Stead/G Bullock/J Saville.                                      93 BB9

13th N Chadwick/A Johnson/H Johnson/T Tywang.                   93 BB9

14th J Barker/L Thompson/M Dresser/S Dresser.                       93

15th R Beilby/A Beilby/I Jane/R Jane.                                            92

16th J Bird/P Grummitt/A Hunter/P Muffitt.                               90 BB9

17th W Atkins/T Haggar/B Brearley/S Brearley.                          90

18th C Graveling/I Platt/G Smith/P Barrett.                                 89  BB9

19th P Newman/J Stead/H Pike/CJoy.                                          89  BB6

20th C Burgess/S Burgess/C Knowles/P Knowles.                      89

21st P Cook/R Bourdon/M Whitely/L Guillardine.                     88  BB9

22nd S Heathcote/S Thomas/G Philpin/J Lloyd.                          88

23rd K Dixon/D Dixon/L Richardson/A Richardson.                   87

24th J Taylor/A Taylor/L White/D White.                                    83

25th H Burnham/P Earnshaw/M Jones.                                      78

26th A Coates/D Roberts/I Silverthorne/ P G Smith.                76