HOW TO ENTER July Medal & Highfield House

29 Jun HOW TO ENTER July Medal & Highfield House

HOW TO ENTER July Medal & Highfield House
Please find instructions below on how to compete in the July Medal which will be held next Saturday 4th July and will also incorporate the Highfield House Shield.

The Highfield House Shield is a board competition for which the members with the 8 lowest net scores in the July medal will qualify for a seeded, singles, match-play KO competition.

You can enter the July Medal from 6pm today and to do so please read all the instructions below.

As an added incentive this Saturday also sees the re-opening of the COVID secure clubhouse and bar so you’ll be able to celebrate or commiserate with a beer afterwards!

Good luck.

Duncan K Hall
Men’s Captain


1. The Competition takes place on 4th July and whilst there are reserved tee times for the competition you can play at any time during the day. It is open to all eligible members with a ’C’ status handicap.

2. You can enter the competition as follows:
* By using the HowDidIDo App details of which have been circulated recently and can also be found on the club website. This will be the ‘new normal’ going forward and so we would encourage you to familiarise yourself with this sooner rather than later.

3. By entering the competition you are giving us permission to debit your club card for the entry fee. Please take time to make sure your card is topped up. You can do this by calling Mark in the Pro Shop – 01943 831207 – or by dropping in and paying contactless (NO CASH).

4. On the day enter ‘July Medal’ as the competition on the scorecard, print your name clearly in the space for player A, print your marker’s name under Marker’s signature and enter your handicap. Then record your partner’s score under Marker’s score and your own score in column A without exchanging score cards.

5. On completion of the round verify your scores verbally and then sign your own card under players score. Your playing partner/marker MUST NOT sign the card.

6. Then, if you used the App to enter you should return your score remotely using the App. If you entered by email you should deposit your card in the box provided in the entrance lobby to the club or in the black letterbox by the front door, which will have the competition name on it.

8. Look out for the result which will be available on the App and be posted on the website, in Perfect Lie and on Facebook. Prize monies for those on the podium will be credited to your account in the Pro-Shop.

Enjoy and stay safe!