***IMPORTANT*** World Handicapping System Update 22nd Nov***

22 Nov ***IMPORTANT*** World Handicapping System Update 22nd Nov***

***IMPORTANT*** World Handicapping System Update 22nd Nov
Please find below a significant update on the progress your WHS Team have made over the past week.

I am pleased to report that the records of historical scores from Silsden Golf Club have now been corrected on the World Handicap System (WHS) Platform. The appropriate Course Rating of 66.1 (incorrectly imported as 72.0) has now been applied and former Silsden GC members will notice some significant increases to their Handicap Index (HI).

England Golf (EG) have been unable to resolve this issue centrally, but we were able to agree a work around requiring the revision of each individual Silsden round score. We have shared this fix with other local clubs who we were aware had raised this with England Golf.

In addition to resolving the main system anomalies, your BGGC WHS Team additionally have been applying general reviews to confirm the integrity of the WHS transition process. However, delays in the synchronization of data transferred between the various systems has resulted in it being an iterative process with some marginal changes still ongoing.

From the middle of this week we expect to have confidence in the HI for our members as shown on the EG and HowDidIDo systems. That said, we recognize that we might still need to adjust the HI of a very small number of members to take account of specific transition anomalies that come to light.


The WHS calculation of handicaps is significantly different than the previous CONGU system. A golfer’s Handicap Index under WHS is based on their demonstrated ability. It is inevitable when moving to a system based on demonstrated ability rather than potential that variations will occur after transition.

England Golf suggests that this should only materially affect a small minority of golfers. Their statistics show that most golfers have witnessed a variation of less than two shots (either up or down) with the introduction of WHS.

Your HI is based on the average of your best 8 scores from last 20 qualifying scores in your Scoring Record back to 1st January 2018. However, if you have less than 20 qualifying scores, an averaging sliding scale is applied as follows:

19 – average of lowest 7
17 or 18 – average of lowest 6
15 or 16 – average of lowest 5
12 to 14 – average of lowest 4
9 to 11 – average of lowest 3
7 or 8 – average of lowest 2
6 – average of lowest 2 (less further adjustment -1.0)
5 – lowest score (no further adjustment)
4 – lowest score ( less further adjustment -1.0)
3 – lowest score ( less further adjustment -2.0)

It is therefore apparent that some members with less than 20 scores will notice a material difference between their new HI as compared with their previous CONGU handicap. Over time, the more scores a golfer submits from social or competition play in accordance with the rules of golf, the more accurately the WHS index will reflect that player’s ability.


If you have not yet determined your HI it can be accessed by registration via the England Golf or HowDidIDo websites. You will also be able to see your scoring record from which your HI has been determined.

Bracken Ghyll GC like other clubs, is required to provide members with access to their HI. As changes in your HI will take effect at midnight on the day a score is recorded on the system printing a hard copy of current HI daily is cumbersome.

Our advice for members is to ensure they have signed up for BOTH an England Golf account at https://www.englandgolf.org/my-account-member/ and register for How Did I https://www.howdidido.com/Account/Register. Please remember that to use these services you must use a unique email address (cannot be shared between golfers) and if using HDID this should match the email address we have for you on file on V1. As reminder, those members who register for a HDID account can also install the NEW V1 Member Application. For more information on the V1 Members Application and Portal please email appsupport@brackenghyll.co.uk.

When we get back to playing golf we intend to make a touch screen available in the foyer near the Pro Shop door. This provides members with the option of accessing their HI on the screen, subject to sanitising procedures.

In the meantime, I you remain unable to access your HI please email me using the address below.

Should you have any queries please remember our dedicated WHS email address whs@brackenghyll.co.uk and our dedicated webpage https://brackenghyllgolfclub.co.uk/whs/

Kind Regards and stay safe.

George Auterson
Chair of Competition & Handicaps