Information Update from our President

16 Apr Information Update from our President

I hope you are keeping safe and well in these difficult times and on behalf of your directors I wish to thank you for your continuing commitment to the Club and the many positive and supportive messages we have received. This is just a short update to keep you informed.

You’ll be aware that this is our membership renewal period and I’m pleased to advise that despite these very unusual circumstances more than 300 members have already paid or committed to pay their membership fee for the upcoming year thus enabling the Club to continue to function for the foreseeable future. Their commitment to the Club in these uncertain times is very much appreciated.

In addition to the above 43 members have asked to be deferred until the course re-opens and their own personal circumstances are clearer and 55 members have yet to advise their intentions although we believe many of these will also request a deferment. Just 38 members (approx. 9%) have formally resigned which compares with a normal annual ‘churn’ of 10-15%.

I would also like to advise that:
• As the current lockdown only allows essential course maintenance 2 out of our 4 green staff are currently on furlough leave at any one time. This means that the Club receives 80% of the salaries of the furloughed staff from the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and the course is being maintained to a level that will enable the staff to bring it back to its usual brilliance very quickly once this is over.
• Ross Pearson, our Finance Manager, is also being furloughed for 3 weeks in every four;
• Mark Tyler, our Club Pro, is being retained for the foreseeable future;
• The Club expects to receive £25,000 grant from the government’s Small Business Support Scheme.
• We have negotiated payment holidays for our rent (thank you Chloe), our mortgage (for the land purchase) and our lease agreements for greens equipment and buggies.

Finally I am aware that many members are experiencing challenging personal circumstances and please do not hesitate to contact me should you believe we can help in any way.

It is for this reason that your directors have agreed that for this year only:

1. members currently seeking deferment because of their personal circumstances (many of whom have been long-standing and loyal members of the Club) can re-join the Club when the course re-opens for the payment of a pro-rata membership fee; and

2. members who have paid in full will be credited with the months and weeks the course is closed this year at membership renewal time next year. This of course will be totally dependent upon the Club’s financial circumstances at that time but that is our intention.

Please stay safe.

Kind Regards

Dave Gilbert
President BGGC