Kitchen Refurbishment Starts Sunday 12th January

12 Jan Kitchen Refurbishment Starts Sunday 12th January

Kitchen Refurbishment- Catering Update

We are pleased to confirm that the refurbishment of the Kitchen will start on Sunday 12th January with the kitchen being cleared so that the work can start on Monday morning. The work will hopefully be completed by end January.

What does this mean for catering

Catering will be as usual from 8am tomorrow (Saturday 11th January), unfortunately their will be No Food on Sunday 12th January.

During the kitchen refurbishment there will be a service of hot and cold sandwiches, soup and cakes during the week and on Saturdays, we will try to provide cold sandwiches and maybe cold pork pies on Sundays.

We will try to expand the catering if possible.

We appreciate that this is not ideal but the kitchen is very much overdue a refurbishment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to approach any member of the management team.

Thanks for your understanding and patience during the next few weeks.

Kind regards

Management committee