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New members are always welcome so please try your best to introduce new members or visitors to the club.  New members 12 month membership starts from the date they join.

Various forms of sponsorship are available, so if you know of anyone who might be interested, please ask them to contact

We are always looking for ideas to improve the club and course, if you have any ideas, please speak to any member of the management team or send an email to

COVID Restrictions and Members Apps to assist you in managing your Club Card and Bookings

The safety of our members and staff continues to be our highest priority.

We continue to comply with the most recent guidance from Government, the R&A and CONGU.

The Management Committee are meeting on a regular basis and updates are being sent via the BRS Email System.

We encourage all members to install the various Smart Phone / Tablet Apps or to use the various websites to make things easier for either managing your club card, managing bookings or accessing club information.

Members are reminded that we have adopted the use of the V1 Members Hub App and Portal. This in in addition to the How Did I Do Application (HDID) and BRS Booking App.

  • Sign into competitions (and knockouts) and record you intention to play a supplementary round
  • Top Up  your Club Card and receive push alerts to the App when money is credited or debited
  • Access Club Document including meeting minutes
  • Book Tee Times
  • Receive push notifications for Course Status
  • Return your scores (single competitions only at present)
  • View Live Leaderboards
  • Check knockout draws
  • Obtain Handicap Certificates
  • …. and more

For more information please visit our dedicated webpage with links and videos at


What is the V1 Members Hub?

“Another App” I hear you say? – ok yes, BUT the V1 Members Hub App and Portal become your first point of contact and integrates with both BRS and HDID. If you are using a Smartphone you can use the App, if you are using a Computer via an Internet Browser then you can access the Hub via our club website in the Members drop down (V1 Members Hub option)

NOTE: the portal tends to work well in Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer (EDGE) browsers.

After feedback from members we are implementing the V1 Hub to give you easier control on your membership and club information. We have been testing the App and Portal with around 30 members and the feedback has been fantastic, especially the Course Status PUSH Notifications and the ability to manage your member card online. More features include:

* Near Real-time access to your member card transactions and push notifications when your card is topped up OR money taken off
* Top-up your members card via the App or V1 Hub Portal
* Push Notifications for COURSE STATUS (including buggy usage, GUR etc)
* Push Notifications on Club News and Alerts
* Member Directory – ability to search member details – members have the option to opt out of this and what details are shared
* Live Leaderboards (via app and online)
* Documents Access – club docs, diary, handbook, meeting minutes, competition draws, Newsletters PDFs.
* Competition Results and upcoming comps (when setup in V1)
….. plus much more

Topping up your card via the App or Online

All payments via the V1 Hub use SagePay and therefore are covered by the security implemented by SagePay and our Card Processing Merchant uses online 3D security.

Please be assured that the club does NOT pay any extra to process payments via SagePay! We have recently changed our SagePay account to use the same merchant that processes ALL payments via the club card machines, so EVERY payment whether via a card machine OR SagePay incurs the same low fees we have agreed – great work by Ross and Tony Fox.

If you encounter issues installing the App or updating your HDID Logon to a HDID Passport Account (free) we have setup a dedicated email address to assist ( BUT, can we ask you read and follow the instructions first before sending an email.

Stay safe.

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Knockout Competition Draws

Latest Results

Congratulations to Jane Heyes on winning our ladies Clarkstones Trophy with 40 pts
Jane Heyes 40 pts
Vivian Balmforth 37 pts
Judy Taylor 34 pts
Angela Hill 32 pts
Rosemary Jane 32 pts
Nicky Boot 32 pts
Thanks to all our ladies who played in this competition
Congratulations to Mike & Isla Robertson, winners of this years Oddballs, Mixed Greensomes, played on Sunday 30th May 2021.
Mike & Isla Robertson 44 pts
Gunilla Vriesendorp & John Williams 41 pts
Ian Penny & Pam Newman 39 pts
We had a terrific turnout with 21 pairs and great weather.
Thanks to everyone who played and hope you enjoyed the format.
Results from our men’s bank holiday swindle on Monday 31st May, again some great scores
Colin Graveling 40 pts
Finlay Grimshaw 40 pts
Christopher Rooke 39 pts
Adam Haw 38 pts
Rory Stead 38 pts
Morgan Grimshaw 37 pts
Daniel Tyson 37 pts
Will Atkins 36 pts
Thanks to everyone who played in this competition
Congratulations to Joanna Hodgson winner of our ladies Thorncroft Ewer on Saturday 29th May
Joanna Hodgson 91 – 23 = 68
Ros Blackburn 102 – 31 = 71
Gillian Jackson 102 – 29 = 73
Judy Taylor 108 – 34 = 74
Pam Newman 100 – 25 = 75
Catherine Archer 104 – 29 = 75
Carrin Joy 92 – 16 = 76
Pat Murray 105 – 29 = 76
Thanks to all our ladies who played in this competition
Results from our mens captains choice, Saturday 29th May
Some great scores by our winners
Division 1
Jacob Ellison 77 – 15 = 62
Aiden Higgins 73 – 9 = 64
David William Swann 75 – 10 = 65
Jasper Cressey 71 – 5 = 66
Peter Rishworth 71 – 5 = 66
James Hitch 80 – 14 = 66
Stephen Pelkowski 74 – 7 = 67
Charlie Wood 83 – 15 = 68
Phil Robinson 76 – 8 = 68
Andy Cox 74 – 6 = 68
Division 2
Philip Smith 83 – 19 = 64
David Hindle 84 – 17 = 67
Mark Vaughan 92 – 24 = 68
Stephen Lampkin 86 – 17 = 69
Peter Speller 99 – 29 = 70
David Anderson 86 – 16 = 70
Thanks to everyone who supported this competition
Course Development Plan

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