Members will be able to book tee times from 6pm tonight, Monday 11th May for tee times from Wednesday 13th May

11 May Members will be able to book tee times from 6pm tonight, Monday 11th May for tee times from Wednesday 13th May

 Limited Return to Golf from Wednesday! Play Safe to Stay Safe.

At last some good news – from this Wednesday 13th May there is a limited return to golf, albeit casual golf either alone or with persons living in the same household and no competitions.

However, we must open the Club and play the game in a responsible manner and all of us have to recognise our obligation to our fellow members and staff to Play Safe and Stay Safe.

This means that for the foreseeable future things will be very different to ‘normal’ and it is essential that all members familiarise themselves with the following policies and procedures which are in full accordance with England Golf’s ‘Return to Golf’ Framework.

Booking a tee-time

We anticipate the course being very busy and to give all members a chance to get back on the course your Management Committee have agreed the following policies and rules:
• Tee booking will open at 6pm today, Monday 11th May.
• NO visitors, visiting parties or member guests until at least 30th June.
• NO DEDICATED TEE-TIMES FOR SECTIONS. Every member can book any tee-time on any day as permitted by their membership category.
• Online tee-booking only and tee times MUST be booked in advance. No walk-ups. Note: If you’re unable to do this for any reason please let me know (contact details below) and we will make alternative arrangements.
• Singletons or members of the same household only.
• Only one tee-time booking per member per day.
• Tee-booking available for up to 5 days ahead (previously 21 days).

The BRS system has been re-configured to ‘manage’ the above and to be fair to everyone your Management Committee is also requesting that members voluntarily comply with the following: Weekdays: DO NOT play on consecutive days Weekends: Play on either or both days as permitted by your membership category. This will be actively monitored by the Section Captains.

Arriving at the Club

• Do NOT come to the club if displaying any COVID-19 symptoms;
• DO NOT ARRIVE any more than 10-15 minutes before your tee-time.
• Follow the instructions of the volunteer car park marshall (see ‘Re-assurance’ below) as there may be a one-way system in operation.
• DO NOT PARK TOO CLOSE to another car i.e. park in alternate ‘spaces’.
• Change and/or put your golf shoes on in the car park. DO NOT USE THE CHANGING ROOM.
• DO NOT USE THE CLUBHOUSE other than for the toilets or to go to the Pro-Shop (see below).
• The main entry doors to the Clubhouse will remain open throughout opening hours. However wet or windy it may be please DO NOT HANDLE OR CLOSE THE DOOR. We will also wedge part open the doors to the changing rooms – no privacy issues as no changing!
• For those requiring access to the locker room for clubs and/or trolleys a new one-way system will be in operation as follows:
ENTRY: Down a new ramp at the rear steps from the car park; and
EXIT: Via the door at the front of the locker room.
Both doors will be wedged open throughout the day.
• The bar and lounge will be shut and the patio closed.
• Whilst waiting for your playing partner and/or your tee-time DO NOT assemble immediately in front of or inside the clubhouse and ensure proper social distancing at all times.

Preparing to Play

• Buggies will NOT be available for hire.
• Members with their own buggies will be entirely responsible for their collection from, and return to, the barn and for their cleaning and sanitisation. Please be aware that Pro Shop staff have been instructed not to handle members own buggies.
• Hole stroke index and distance information is shown on the tee boards but should you require a card DO NOT go into the clubhouse. A supply of cards will be left on the porch wall outside the main entrance to the clubhouse.
• There is no opportunity to submit a supplementary score for handicap purposes until further notice.
• No more than 2 people on the practice putting green with priority to those teeing off next.
• All other practice areas are out of play until further notice.
• Sanitise your hands.

Playing Your Game

• No shaking hands!
• Course Presentation
Throughout the lockdown only essential ground maintenance has been undertaken and it will take time for the green staff, working responsibly, to return the course to normal. So at least initially you should expect:
– More grass than normal on the greens. The cut height can only be reduced gradually to prevent damage to the grass.
– Untidy bunkers.
• Please maintain a good pace of play to avoid bunching up on tees.
• All local winter local rules have been withdrawn.
• Maintain social distancing at all times, especially on tees and greens.
• There will be no bunker rakes. Local Rule – Preferred Lies in Bunkers
You may place your ball within 6” of the original spot, not nearer the hole, and the area cannot be smoothed before placing. Please then make your best effort to smooth the sand using a club and/or your feet.
• DO NOT TOUCH OR REMOVE FLAGSTICKS in any circumstances. The holes will have foam fillers to ensure that your ball does not fall to the bottom of the hole and can be easily picked out.
• Ball washer handles will be removed or taped over.
• Course furniture, now all beautifully stained by Ged’s volunteer crew, will remain in the barn.
• The ‘hut’ on the 5th tee will be closed.
• The gates between the 6th green and the 7th tee will be tied back and left open. DO NOT TOUCH OR CLOSE THE GATES.
During lockdown there has been, and continues to be, significantly increased use of the various public footpaths that across the course. Therefore there is a need for greater awareness, caution and vigilance. The holes affected are 4,7,8,10,11,12,13,16 and 17.

After Your Game

• The air compressor and water hose for the cleaning of shoes and trolleys will be turned off.
• Buggy users should remember that it is their responsibility to return their buggy to the barn.
• Members using the locker room please remember and respect the one-way system – it is for everyone’s safety.
• Unfortunately there is no opportunity for socialising as the clubhouse bar and lounge will be shut and the patio roped off. Please return to your car as quickly as possible and follow the marshall’s instructions for leaving the car park safely.
• Look forward to your next round!


We await clarification as to whether or not the Pro-Shop can open but if and when Mark can re-open the following rules will apply:
• Maximum of two customers at any one time in the shop, each to observe social distancing.
• There will be a defined queuing area outside the shop entrance where social distancing must be maintained.
• All members must use the hand sanitisers provided before and after entering and leaving the shop.
• Payment is by card or customer account debits only. No cash sales. A clear screen will be installed on the counter to help protect both staff and members.
• There will be regular cleaning/sanitising of key shop areas e.g. fridge handle, coffee machine, card machine etc.
• All lessons will be delivered outside with social distancing maintained.
• Club Fittings will be by appointment only (1 person) with strict 2 metre social distancing in place. All fitting components will be sanitised after use.


To provide re-assurance to members that the social distancing and health & safety protocols described above are being respected a member volunteer ‘force’ is being assembled that will be on duty for the hours the clubhouse is open i.e. 8am – 5pm.

These volunteers which are being marshalled by Senior Captain, Tom Witherington, will also help maintain clubhouse security as several doors will be left open.


It’s great to think that we can now get back on the course (which looks brilliant by the way) but it is incumbent upon all of us to Play Safe and Stay Safe.

Please prepare yourself for your return to the course by familiarising yourself with all the above policies and procedures and please let me know should you believe that we’ve missed something or that anything needs further clarification.

Peter Knowles For and on behalf of your Management Committee E: