27 Mar Message from our SENIOR’S CAPTAIN and COMMITTEE

SENIORS Committee and Captains request

To all,

In these most unprecedented times, six months of rain and now Coronavirus BGGC is fighting to survive. Our Greenkeepers are working hard to keep the course playable for when we return. Support is required by all of us, here are my thoughts in how we may help.

Following the recent members update from the Board of our Golf Club, we would like to request that as a Section we fully support their efforts by paying our fees ASAP. We are requesting this so that our Treasurer and Board may have a clearer picture on the way forward for this coming year. The Senior section have more benefits from our club than other sections. We have two competition days every week (three if you are a full member). Some Seniors can play up to four times in a week. We have numerous friendlies against other clubs, away games at no extra expense other than buying lunch. We are permitted to use are own buggies in competitions (not all clubs allow it) and there are other benefits not mentioned here. Our club has remained open all winter where many others have had to close.

Every Club in the district has the problem of keeping staff whilst courses are shut down and many Clubs have few reserves to see them through this unprecedented crisis. Please consider paying your fees for the year and some may like to offer that they don’t expect any offset for the unused availability. Virtually every sporting facility is suffering in the same way and I know that many of us see our 5+ mile walk as essential exercise. Subscription renewal is an uncertain time for all Clubs and for some it could be make or break. The number of golf Clubs in our area are shrinking at an alarming rate. Please, fellow Seniors, consider paying your fees for the year by or before the 1st April as in this way the Club will have the comfort of knowing that there is a way forward. As you all will be aware the Club pays the Senior Captains fees on an annual basis, my intention is to refund the club this year the monies I have not already spent. Therefore, for this year there will be no prizes going forward although Captains day and other competitions will be played. I am probably being optimistic in thinking my Captains away day on the 16th July at Shaw Hill will go ahead prize funds already accounted for. By paying your fees now will help keep our staff in work and the club solvent.

Worrying times.


Tom Witherington

Seniors Captain and Seniors Committee