NEW Competition Entry & Sign-In Processes

17 Jul NEW Competition Entry & Sign-In Processes

NEW Competition Entry & Sign-In Processes
For your safety we remain unable to revert to using computer touch screens in confined areas to sign in to competitions on the day.

However, we recognise that the interim arrangements requiring you to send an email as an intention to enter a competition is cumbersome to both you and to Club officials who are required to process them.

I am pleased to report that the increasing number of members who have registered with HowDidIDo (HDID) and use their App to sign into competitions and return scores has greatly reduced processing time.

If you have not already registered, I would encourage you to register with HDID and then download the HDID App – guidance on how to do this is included on the Club webpage.

Here is the link to the Club Mobile Support Input webpage:

Going forward we are simplifying the competition entry & sign in process as follows:

1. Book your tee time on BRS as you did before; then

2. Preferably use the HDID App to sign in to the competition. If unable to sign in using the App, then on the day of the competition (and before teeing off) ask the Pro Shop staff to sign you in and ensure acknowledgement that your request was actioned.

N.B. – To ensure minimal footfall in the Pro Shop, firstly check with your playing group if any others need to be signed in, and then one person can ask the Pro Shop staff to sign in those members too.

Play safe. Stay safe.

George Auterson

Chair of Competition & Handicap