Officials Day Prize Winners

22 Sep Officials Day Prize Winners

Scott Dry.                    Pro Shop Acc

Chris Wademan.        PSA

Karen Lampkin.        PSA

Carrin Joy.                   PSA

Phil Robinson.            Prize From Pro Shop

Luke Roberts.             PFPS

Michael Robertson.  PFPS

Ben Parkinson.          PFPS

Chris Page.                 PFPS

Findlay Robertson.  PFPS


Nearest Pins

5th Darren Parker            Prize From Pro Shop

9th Dave Barr.                  PFPS

10th Pat Murray.            PFPS

13th Theresa Blackburn PFPS

17th Stuart Thomson.    PFPS


Many thanks to all that took part and we raised £550 at the Halfway House too. What a great day.

Dave,Duncan and Shirin