Patience Please – World Handicapping System & England Golf website

23 Oct Patience Please – World Handicapping System & England Golf website

Patience Please – World Handicapping System & England Golf website

As anticipated, the transition to the new World Handicapping System (WHS) is providing a few “niggles” in the weeks before implementation. Please be assured that England Golf and your Bracken Ghyll Team are working hard to ensure we resolve these prior to 2nd November.

In the interests of keeping everyone updated, the information below will help clarify a number of items so please take time to read the message fully.

Firstly, England Golf is now advising that for those who had pre-registered on their website, access to your new Handicap Index (HI) is now available. However, we have established that there has been a fault in the data transfer from various Software providers into the new WHS Platform. This should be resolved in the next few days but in the meantime we advise to DEFER TRYING TO ACCESS THE ENGLAND GOLF WHS WEBSITE. We will continue to monitor progress and advise members accordingly. Any member attempting to access the site maybe requested to supply their CDH Number, when we have confirmation from England Golf that the site is fully operational we will look to communicate this information formally to all members.

Secondly, the Bracken Ghyll C&H Team were given early access to the WHS Platform and after a detailed investigation we have identified three significant structural defects when historical scores were transferred to the Platform and some members HI computed. In the first two instances, the HI computed for many members was lower than the scores reflected.

(a) Seniors Course Scores – the historical scores were imported correctly but an incorrect Course Rating was applied. Put simply a default Standard Scratch of 72 was used when it should have been 66.5. England Golf have assured me that this will be corrected before the system goes live on 2nd November.

(b) Silsden Golf Club scores – similar to the Seniors issue, when historical scores at Silsden GC were imported an incorrect Course Rating of 72 was applied. For many former Silsden members these can be as many as 7 of the 8 lowest scores taken into account for HI purposes. I am awaiting confirmation from England Golf as when this will be resolved.

(c) CDH Numbers – The third item affects a very small number of members where their CDH number has not carried forward to the WHS Platform resulting in the historical scores not being pulled though and a HI applied correctly. This is currently being investigated by the EGU WHS Team and will be rectified before the 2nd November.

So, taking all this into account, even if you could access your HI now, it may not be correct until these issues are resolved.

In addition, I can assure you that the Handicap Committee is also trying to identify any other anomalies associated with the WHS transition process. In the meantime can I ask you to please hold off contacting us with any individual queries or concerns about process so that we can focus on resolving the material matters detailed above.

Patience is a virtue.

George Auterson
Chair of Competition & Handicap

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