Return To Golf. REVISED tee booking arrangements.

11 Mar Return To Golf. REVISED tee booking arrangements.

Return To Golf. REVISED tee booking arrangements.
For many members Monday March 29th can’t come soon enough – after all there’s only so many times you can clean your clubs, tidy your golf bag and practice your swing in front of the mirror before the novelty wears off!

As previously advised the advance booking period for the foreseeable future will be 14 days with tee-times released at 6pm daily. This means that tee-booking for our return to golf on Monday 29th March opens at 6pm this upcoming Monday, 15th March.

In common with all golf clubs nationwide we anticipate overwhelming demand, huge pressure on the functionality of the BRS tee booking system and the potential for significant member frustration. In an effort to be fair to all members your Captains have agreed new arrangements for the first two days as follows:

• At 6pm next Monday March 15th tee-times will be released for both Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th March.

• By March 29th the clocks will have gone forward, sunset will be 7.35pm and the release of two days of tee-times will provide over 400 playing opportunities over those two days.

• FOR THE FIRST TWO DAYS MEMBERS SHOULD ONLY BOOK ONE TEE-TIME ON EITHER THE MONDAY OR TUESDAY thus giving every member the opportunity to get back into the swing of things as quickly as possible.

• Members are encouraged to play in 4balls and any member can book themselves and 3 other members into the same tee-time.

• To maximise member playing opportunities no member guests or visitor tee-bookings are permissible during the first two weeks. This means that any ‘Member Guest’ tee slot reservations during this period will be deleted by the Administrator.

Hopefully releasing two days of tee-times and limiting each member to booking just one tee-slot will significantly reduce the stress and frustrations likely to be experienced when many members are all trying to access the system at the same time. So please be patient and just keep trying. There will be tee-times available when you can access the system.

We hope you’ll recognise your Committee’s best efforts to manage what will be totally unprecedented demand and please be assured that we’ll be monitoring things very closely to ensure optimisation of all available tee-times.

This means that any free tee-times on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th will be released to all members nearer the date. In the meantime please stay safe.

Peter Knowles Club Secretary E: