SCT MEDAL next Thursday 25th June

19 Jun SCT MEDAL next Thursday 25th June

SCT MEDAL next Thursday 25th June
Entry to the SCT Medal to be played next Thursday 25th June will be available from 6pm tomorrow, Saturday 20th June. Alongside the SCT Medal competition we will also run a Swindle, but only for those that are in the SCT. It is not compulsory to enter the Swindle.

To Enter the SCT Medal

1. You must have already entered the year-long SCT competition by paying your £10.00 entrance fee.

2. YOU MUST SEND AN EMAIL TO: with ‘SCT Medal’ as the subject title of your email stating:
i) that you intend to play in the competition and
ii) whether or not you wish to enter the Swindle.

3. Competition slots will be clearly reserved on the BRS timesheet. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK OUTSIDE THESE SLOTS unless all competition slots are already booked.


i) By booking a tee slot on the BRS timesheet you have NOT entered the competition. To enter you MUST send the ‘intention to play’ email as above.

ii) If you are not intending to play in the competition DO NOT book a tee-time on the BRS timesheet that is reserved for the competition.

Marking your card

To enable authentication of your score and to assist those recording scores please mark your card when in 3 balls as follows:

1. Write the name of the Competition ‘SCT Medal’ and enter your name as player A, the date, your tee-time and your handicap and keep your own score on your own card.

2. Write the name of the person you are keeping the score for on the upper left side of the card where it says, ‘Hole Name’ and mark their score under the markers score column.

3. Print the name of the person who is keeping your score and would normally sign your card in the space ‘Markers Signature’.

4. At completion of your round, verbally agree your score and the scores of your playing partners and sign your card under ‘Players Signature’. Do NOT exchange cards or sign anyone else’s card.

Failure to follow these instructions will result in disqualification.

Tom Witherington
Seniors Captain