Seniors Salver – How things will work on Salver days

21 Oct Seniors Salver – How things will work on Salver days

Seniors Salver – How things will work on Salver days
To all Seniors who have entered this year’s Salver, Salver 1 starts on Thursday this week, 22nd October.

Unfortunately, we find we have two pairs without markers. This is probably due to an oversight on our part by not clearly defining early and late playing times – you will recall that we asked Seniors to define their preference when entering.

To clarify, on BRS on Salver days early and late tee times will in future be clearly defined on the tee-sheet. Please try to enter in the section you requested. That said there is still no guarantee that everyone will be paired up as there will be holidays, sickness, family commitments etc.

The committee and I have worked hard this year to set up the Salver and hopefully get it to run smoothly. What we cannot guarantee is that all entrants comply. If by chance you end up with no other pair joining you in the time slot you’ve entered, it is your responsibility to find another spot even if it does not fall in a competition time frame – but it must be played on a Salver day. Failing that please contact me.

A reminder, alongside the Salver we run an optional swindle, ONLY for those who have entered the Salver. To enter you must enter as a pair in the Pro Shop at the same time you inform them of your intention to play in the competition.

Remember: As a pairs competition neither the Salver nor the Swindle can yet be entered through the HowDidiDo App. Similarly results cannot be entered there either.

Play safe. Stay safe.

Tom Witherington
Seniors Captain
Mob: 07762 118 857