To encourage better participation in the Salver competition, the seniors’ committee have considered the ideas received from members and have decided to implement some changes in the format as follows. The reasons for the changes (or not) are also shown.

1) The draw for partners will continue. We considered a non drawn format but the committee all agreed that the general feedback from seniors is that the draw is preferred. This gives the opportunity for members to meet other members and reduces the chance of two good/consistent players pairing up causing the competition to be over before it started.
2) The number of rounds from the outset will be reduced to 8. Last year, we increased the number of rounds from best 6 from 10 to best 6 from 12 with no rearrangements in the event of bad weather etc. This was to allow members to have holidays and miss a few rounds but still get the required number of rounds. Unfortunately this seemed to have the opposite effect and cause more people to drop out as they felt committed to play in all 12 if possible.
3) No rearrangements following cancellations. Members can make non golf plans such as holidays (we should be so lucky) and avoid missing important rounds.
4) The draw would allow entrants to choose to play “early” or “late”. Some members have not entered the competition because they don’t want to pick a partner that likes to play a lot earlier (or later) than them. There would effectively be two draws. One for people that like to play early and one for those that like to play later. We would not actually specify exact times for “late” and “early” but this should largely alleviate the problem.
5) Number of rounds to count. In the event of rounds being lost due to bad weather etc., the effect on the number of rounds to count would be as follows:- 5 to count from 8 or 7. 4 to count form 6 or 5
6) Top 4 playoff. At the end of the 8 (or reduced number of) rounds, there will be a play off between the top 4 teams in matchplay format. 1st plays 4th and 2nd plays 3rd in a semi-final and the winners of those two games play off in the final. This would keep interest in the competition going for longer. Going into the last round or two, teams that are lying just outside the top 4 may not be able to catch the leader but they could be in a position to make 4th place and qualify for the play off.
7) 15 holes per round will continue. This was generally welcomed during the often poor wintry weather conditions.
8) There will be no alternative competition on “Salver” days. The alternative competition detracts interest from the main competition.

This largely follows the format of the TTG competition which seems to be very successful.
Details regarding entry, draw and dates will be advised later.