Staff versus Officials Match – Friday 14th September

14 Sep Staff versus Officials Match – Friday 14th September

A terrific afternoon for our annual Staff versus Officials Match

Team Captains Rob Walker and Brian Lamb opting for different team strategies. Rob went for youth and low handicaps whilst Brian went for age, experience and higher handicaps.

Scores for the teams as follows


Staff – Rob Walker & Ed Cartwright 35 points
Matt Hastings and Will Mawson 42 points
Ali Auterson & Tom Abosch 44 points
Richard Beilby & Jasper Cressey – 40 points
FIn Robertson & Dan Pelkowski – 39 points

Team total 200 points, was it enough for the Staff to win the trophy ?

Officials – Brian Lamb & Colin Graveling 39 points
Roger Lucas & Ken Hunter 36 points
George Auterson & Chris Short 42 points
Ian Penny & Dave Gilbert 43 points
Steve Pelkowski & Mike Robertson 48 points

Team Total 208 points and the Officials retain the trophy

Thanks to all our staff and officials for all their hard work thoughout the year.