Test Competition for Seniors Section (men 55yrs and over)

26 May Test Competition for Seniors Section (men 55yrs and over)

To enable the Club Captains and Competition & Handicap Committee to put things in place for the return of competitive golf under the ‘new normal’ each section of the Club (Ladies, Men and Seniors) will be presenting a test competition.

First up are the Seniors (that’s men 55 years and over for our new members!) and this will be an 18 hole Stableford off full handicap. The details are as follows:


1.The competition is an 18 hole Stableford off full handicap and will run over a period of four days on June 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

2. You can only enter one card for the competition. Multiple cards will not be accepted.

3. To enter the competition email seniorcomp@brackenghyll.co.uk stating which day you intend to play. There will be no entry fee and just a small prize for the winner. Results will be published June 8th.

4. On your card enter ‘NQ Stableford’ as the competition, your name printed clearly in the space for player A on the card, your handicap and your markers name printed clearly under Marker’s signature on the card.

5. Players will complete their own card, recording their own score in column A and their playing partner’s score under markers score. NOTE: There is NO EXCHANGE OF CARDS.

6. On completion of the round verify the scores verbally and then sign your own card under players score. Your marker must NOT sign the card.

7.Deposit your card in the box provided in the entrance lobby to the club which will have the competition name on it.

We look forward to getting back to fully competitive golf sooner rather than later and this test competition will enable us to trial the new systems and members to get used to the new disciplines.

Please play safe at all times.

Tom Witherington
Seniors Captain