TTG 20/21 – 16th/17th April 2021 – PLEASE READ

04 Apr TTG 20/21 – 16th/17th April 2021 – PLEASE READ

TTG 20/21 – 16th/17th April 2021 – PLEASE READ
I trust you are keeping well.

First an apology, with so much going on to ready ourselves for the return to golf, the update on the TTG 2020/21 didn’t go out before it became live on BRS, although those eagle eyed members may have read the update on the TTG in the Mens Committee Meeting Minutes.

The TTG 2020/21 will now be a single round competition which we’ve called 8A/B to keep it connected to the original competition and it will take place on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th April (as we do normally with qualifying rounds).

The top 4 teams will go through to a knockout, where 4 will play 1 and 2 play 3. The winners of these matches will play each other in the final. The same swindle and 2’s will run along side the competition and you must register your intention to play on the day either through the terminal in the clubhouse entrance or through the Pro Shop.

Only teams that were entered into the TTG before the January lockdown are eligible to play.

The format is the same as usual, 4BBB Stableford and its 85% of your Course handicap and it’s the White Course.

Stay safe, play well and good luck!

Duncan K Hall
Mens Captain 2021