TTG ROUND 1 – Cancelled

26 Oct TTG ROUND 1 – Cancelled

TTG ROUND 1 – Cancelled
You are receiving this email because you have entered this years TTG.

Unfortunately on Saturday afternoon with 12 pairs still out on the course the heavens opened and the last 4 greens became flooded. After consulting with the Chair of C&H I had to take the decision the cancel the first round.

The rules of golf clearly state that in a situation where no relief from Temporary Water is available the competition should be cancelled.

‘The Rules of Golf are written with the underlying assumption that all players in the field will be able to complete their stipulated round. If that is not possible the round should be cancelled.’

You will of course receive a refund if you entered the sweep or the 2’s.

This now means TTG becomes the best 5 scores from 7 rounds.

Not a good start to the competition, but we must be fair to all competitors.

Best Regards

Duncan K Hall
Men’s Captain