Weekly WHS Update – Handicap Index (HI)

09 Oct Weekly WHS Update – Handicap Index (HI)

Weekly WHS Update – Handicap Index (HI)
We are fast approaching WHS launch on 2nd November. I would again refer you to our dedicated WHS page on the Club website which provides a detailed overview along with links to other resources available – use this link https://brackenghyllgolfclub.co.uk/whs/

Over the next few weeks, we will also provide further detail on specific elements of the new system. This week the focus is on Handicaps.

We have previously mentioned that a Handicap Index (HI) will replace your current handicap and further detail is contained within the overview on the website. For those who have registered with England Golf your new HI should be visible during week commencing 19th October. As we approach the 2nd November members should also be able to access their HI via the HDID app and later the club’s screens.

Clubs are required to enable members to have access to their HI and we are determining how best we can provide that access in these difficult times.

Next week we will have a new Conversion Chart displayed both inside and outside the Club. This takes account of the Course and Slope Rating for each Tee, White, Red, Yellow and Blue (previously Senior’s Yellow). Using this chart you determine your Course Handicap by reference to your HI. Simply scroll across to the Course (Tee) that you will be playing from and you get your Course Handicap.

If you are playing in a competition a further adjustment maybe required. This is known as the Handicap Allowance which is a percentage of your Course Handicap which creates equity for all players participating in a specific format of play. By applying this allowance, you end up with your playing handicap for that competition.

For Individual Strokeplay, including Medal and Stableford, the Handicap Allowance is 95% of your Course Handicap. Individual Matchplay is 100%

For 4 Ball Strokeplay (including Medal and Stableford), like the Men’s TTG, the Handicap Allowance is 85%. You will notice that this was previously 90%. (N.B. because the 1st round of the TTG is before 2nd November and all remaining rounds are after 2nd November it was decided to apply the 85% Handicap Allowance throughout to avoid confusion.)

As and when we get back to something approaching the “old normal” you will no longer be required to carry out the calculations described above. The system being developed by our software provider will automatically work through from your HI to your Course Handicap and Handicap Allowance and display the playing handicap to be used.

Stay Safe.

George Auterson
Chair of C&H

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