Weekly WHS Update – In preparation for return to golf

29 Nov Weekly WHS Update – In preparation for return to golf

Weekly WHS Update – In preparation for return to golf
During the period of course closure, your BGGC WHS Team has been reviewing and sense checking the Handicap Index (HI) of our members. When handicaps were transitioned to the WHS system, the data used was from the actual scores from the player’s record. Therefore, in general, the new Handicap Index (HI) computed by averaging your best scores is correct.

In addition, I have kept you informed of some material anomalies that we identified following the transition process. I am pleased to report that BGGC is now confident in adopting the current membership HI list as per the England Golf WHS Platform. Should we subsequently identify any residual individual anomalies we will of course resolve them.

BACK TO GOLF – please remember to use your HI as your starting point. You then need to determine your Course Handicap (CH) by using the Slope Rating Conversion Chart which can be found on the outside wall of the clubhouse between the Pro Shop window and the main entrance. (Our software providers intend to have this visible on the touchscreens soon)

The chart takes account the Course Slope Rating and adjusts your HI dependent on the tee you are playing from. You will see that there are 4 separate tee columns, White, Yellow, Blue (Seniors) and Red.

You simply focus on the Tee you will be playing from and based on your HI you determine your Course Handicap (CH). For example:

June, playing off Red Tees with HI of 20.4 results in a CH of 22.

Terry, playing off White Tees with a HI of 22.5 results in a CH of 24, off the Yellow Tees it would be CH of 23 whereas if he played from the Blue (Seniors) Tees it would be CH of 22.

There will be no club competitions until the new year so until then you don’t need to apply any Handicap Allowance restrictions to determine your Playing Handicap (more details to follow).

SCORECARD – you will be using our new WHS version scorecards.

Firstly, you will see that the Seniors Course is now shown separately and is designated as our Blue Course. Secondly, you will see that there are three Handicap boxes for you to enter your Handicap Index, Course Handicap and Playing Handicap.

CONGU Guidance G2.1b/ – Handicap On The Scorecard – confirms that to AVOID DISQUALIFICATION under Rule 3.3b (4) of the Rules of Golf the player MUST put his/her Course Handicap on the scorecard. If using a scorecard over the next few weeks, please get into the habit of recording BOTH your HI and Course Handicap (CH).


If you have not yet determined your HI it can be accessed by registration via the England Golf or HowDidIDo websites. I have attached at the bottom of this email guidance on how to complete this registration.

Bracken Ghyll GC like other clubs, is required to provide members with access to their HI. You are encouraged to register with the websites mentioned above but we are providing two options for you to access your HI at the Clubhouse:

1. A hard copy list of Members in the foyer
2. A touch screen available in the foyer near the Pro Shop door. This provides members with the option of accessing their HI on the screen, subject to sanitising procedures.

As a fallback position and in the meantime, if you remain unable to access your HI please email me using the address below.

Should you have any queries please remember our dedicated WHS email address whs@brackenghyll.co.uk and our dedicated webpage https://brackenghyllgolfclub.co.uk/whs/

I hope that the rain stays away, the sun shines and the breeze is light so that you can enjoy our great game on our special course.

George Auterson
Chair of C&H

Our advice to members is to ensure they have signed up for BOTH an England Golf account at https://www.englandgolf.org/my-account-member/ and register for How Did I https://www.howdidido.com/Account/Register. Please remember that to use these services you must use a unique email address (cannot be shared between golfers) and if using HDID this should match the email address we have for you on file on V1. As reminder, those members who register for a HDID account can also install the NEW V1 Member Application. For more information on the V1 Members Application and Portal please email appsupport@brackenghyll.co.uk.

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