Weekly WHS Update – New Scorecard

23 Oct Weekly WHS Update – New Scorecard

Weekly WHS Update – New Scorecard
In this weeks WHS update we are sharing a copy of our new scorecard which has been updated for WHS requirements.

First of all I would like to reinforce the message sent to members last night that you can be assured that England Golf and your Bracken Ghyll Team are working hard to ensure we resolve a number of WHS implementation “niggles” prior to 2nd November.

In the meantime please be patient and I would ask you to:

* defer trying to log on to the England Golf website to access your new Handicap Index
* hold off contacting us with any individual queries or concerns about process so that we can focus on resolving the material matters detailed above.

Thank you for your patience.

WHS – the New Scorecard and requirements.

(see image attached)

Firstly, you will see that the Seniors Course is now shown separately and is designated as our Blue Course.

Secondly, you will see that there are three Handicap boxes for you to enter your Handicap Index, Course Handicap and Playing Handicap.

CONGU Guidance G2.1b/ – Handicap On The Scorecard – confirms that to AVOID DISQUALIFICATION under Rule 3.3b (4) of the Rules of Golf the player MUST put his/her Course Handicap on the scorecard.

As explained last week, each tee has a different Slope Rating and your Course Handicap is determined by reference to your Handicap Index and the Tees being played using the Conversion Chart displayed outside the Clubhouse. When the clubhouse touchscreen access is available, this conversion will be calculated by the system software and your Course Handicap figure shown on the screen. In summary, you need to complete both the Handicap Index and Course Handicap boxes.

We have followed the CONGU recommendation to include a space for your Playing Handicap to be recorded to make it easier to score whilst playing. Again, as covered last week your Course Handicap may need to be restricted by a Handicap Allowance (restriction) dependent on the format of the competition being played. For Singles Strokeplay the restriction is 95% of Course Handicap and for Fourball Betterball the restriction is 85% of Course Handicap.

So, Mary who has a Handicap Index of 22.6, playing off Red Tees gets a Course Handicap of 24 and playing in Singles Stableford her Playing Handicap is 24 x 95% = 22.8 rounded up to 23.

And John with a Handicap Index of 18.6, playing off White Tees gets a Course Handicap of 20 and playing in Fourball Betterball has a Playing Handicap of 20 x 85% = 17.

I appreciate that it might seem quite complicated but you will quickly pick it up.

Stay safe and play well.

George Auterson
Chair of C&H

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