Welcome back to competitive golf from your Captains

11 Apr Welcome back to competitive golf from your Captains

Welcome back to competitive golf from your Captains
From this Monday 12th April we’re pleased to say the club will be returning to competitive golf for all sections. As it has been some time since we last played competitive golf, here are a few reminders for playing competitions and entering scores:

1. Booking will become available on BRS at 6pm 14 days in advance of the day of the competition. Ladies’ competitions which are drawn will close at 6pm on the Thursday prior to the competition.

2. Booking a tee time does NOT enter you into the competition. You must sign in via the Club V1 app or HDID app, which are the preferred options, or you can enter on the day using the PSI screen which is in the entrance lobby (hand sanitiser available) or, as a final option, with Mark in the Pro Shop. The Apps will show the date when entry becomes available.

3. Your playing handicap for singles competitions is 95% of your course handicap. Calculations are on the noticeboard in the entry corridor.

4. When marking your card, please fill in all boxes. You mark your own cards; the name of the person whose card you are marking goes on the left side above their scores, which are in the marker’s column. Put the person who is marking your scores name in the marker signature spot. To avoid disqualification you must put your Course Handicap on your card.

5. After your round, where possible please input your scores on the App and then put your card in the appropriate box in the club foyer or if the clubhouse is closed in the letterbox to left of the front door. You must return your card.

6. A full explanation of all competitions can be found in the Club Handbook which can be found in the members area of the club website. There is also a hard copy on the Admin noticeboard in the clubhouse.

As you’re aware the new World Handicapping System (WHS) is now in full operation so please take time to familiarise yourself with the information that George Auterson, our C & H Chairman, is putting out. We are also extremely grateful that George will be present on both Monday and Tuesday mornings this week to help things run smoothly.

We all want an enjoyable game of golf so just a few points on etiquette –
• Please repair all your pitch marks;
• Shout ‘Fore’ if your wayward ball is going onto another fairway;
• Please don’t bombard the people in front of you – give them space so they can enjoy their game too;
• Be aware of two balls behind you and offer them courtesy of the course by letting them through;
• If you go out as a one ball, please do not push those in front of you.

And one final point please remember that ALL COVID DISCIPLINES STILL APPLY especially regarding social distancing. This means no more than 4 persons to each table on the patio please and no congregating in front of the clubhouse or on the 1st (or indeed any) tee.

Enjoy your golf!

The Three Captains (Duncan, Shirin and Tom)