We’re back – and it’s casual golf for members only throughout December!

27 Nov We’re back – and it’s casual golf for members only throughout December!

We’re back – and it’s casual golf for members only throughout December!

Bracken Ghyll Golf Club

So unfortunately we are in Tier 3 but at least we’re back on the course from next Wednesday 2nd December.

With short days and anticipated robust demand your Management Committee has agreed that throughout December it will be casual golf for members only – no visitors, no member guests, no competitions and no reserved tee-times for sections. Quite simply this is to maximise playing opportunities and to be fair to all members.

• No visitors, member guests or competitions and no reserved tee-times for sections for the period 2nd – 31st December inclusive;
• The advance tee-booking period for December is reduced to 6 days with tees released at 6pm daily.
• Tee-time intervals to be 8 minutes before 10am and 10 minutes after 10am every day of the week;
• To maximise playing opportunities for members the Mixed Open on Friday 11th December has been cancelled;

1. To welcome and encourage other members making up your 4ball.
2. NOT to book tee-times on consecutive weekdays.
Note: The tee-times for both Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd will be released tomorrow at 6pm. Please only book a tee-time on one of those days NOT both.
3. To play after 12 noon if you want to play less than 18 holes.
4. To avoid last minute withdrawals. Please cancel any tee booking that you can no longer use in good time.
5. Not to use ‘Member Guest’ to prevent other members joining you. Your tee booking could potentially be deleted if you do. Shielding members should contact the Pro-Shop and ask them to block off the other player slots in your tee-time.

I’m sure you will recognise that all the above measures are dedicated to maximising playing opportunities for all members at a time of the year when daylight hours are limited and many more members than usual will want to play. We look forward to your understanding, co-operation and support.

As regards competitions, the Captains are to review the diary and the impact of both bad weather and COVID lockdown cancellations and produce a revised diary for the new year. Please be patient and you will be advised in good time when the revised diary is available.

As you would expect, your Management Committee will keep the situation under constant review and make whatever decisions they believe to be necessary to ensure fairness to all members.

And last but not least, as we’re in Tier 3, the bar will unfortunately have to remain closed although the Pro-Shop will be open. Please remember to wear a mask when entering the clubhouse and not to congregate either in front of or inside the clubhouse or on the patio, where the ‘Rule of 6’ applies.

I look forward to seeing you on the course next week and in the meantime please stay safe.

Peter Knowles
Club Secretary for and on behalf of your Management Committee
E: secretary@brackenghyll.co.uk