What Do I Need To Record On A Scorecard ?

17 Apr What Do I Need To Record On A Scorecard ?

What Do I Need To Record On A Scorecard ?

Now that we have a qualifying course for handicap purposes it is important that cards submitted for competitions and scores for handicap purposes under casual / general play are correctly completed.

In addition to the date, time, player name, competition event boxes, to avoid disqualification you are required to record the name of the person verifying your score in the marker’s space and you must sign the card as player. In addition it is a requirement that you record your Course Handicap. Therefore my advice is that for completeness you record all 3 boxes Handicap Index, Course Handicap and Playing Handicap.

I have been asked to clarify how scorecards should be marked when playing in a 3 ball in the “new normal” when you are responsible for recording your own scores.

All the criteria mentioned above still apply BUT WHEN PLAYING IN A 3 BALL, in addition to marking your own scores, you will be recording the hole scores for the person with whom you will verify their score at the end of the round. The important thing to remember is that in a 3 ball THAT PERSON IS NOT YOUR MARKER. Therefore, THREE DIFFERENT NAMES need to be recorded on your card.

To clarify this I have attached a copy of the card with notes explaining the rational as to why and where three names are required.

Adopting this approach enables the Committee to identify you as player, identify who recorded your hole scores as Marker and the identity of the person for whom you recorded hole scores.

I trust that this aids your understanding.

George Auterson
Chair of Competition & Handicap