WHS Reminder and How To Submit Supplementary Scores

31 Jul WHS Reminder and How To Submit Supplementary Scores

WHS Reminder and How To Submit Supplementary Scores
The World Handicapping System (WHS) comes into effect on 2nd November. As previously notified we have created a Bracken Ghyll Golf Club dedicated WHS webpage for our members on our website and this can be accessed using this link: https://brackenghyllgolfclub.co.uk/world-handicap-system/

In addition to a summary overview covering all the main elements and how they fit together, there are links to:
– additional resources, including Frequently Asked Questions, and
– a series of useful and easy to follow videos produced by England Golf.

If you have not yet familiarized yourself with the WHS webpage content I would encourage you to do so. You may find it easier to read the overview and then use the supporting material to better understand the detail.

The more qualifying scores submitted until 2nd November, the more likely that on transition to the WHS your new Handicap Index will reflect your actual playing ability. You are therefore encouraged to play in as many individual strokeplay competitions as possible and to submit as many Supplementary Scores as possible, over either 9 or 18 holes, before 2nd November 2020.


You need to pre-register your intention to submit a Supplementary score. Preferably this should be done using the HowDidIDo (HDID) App but if this is not possible you must inform the Pro Shop of your intention to submit a Supplementary Score BEFORE starting your round.

To register your intention via the HDID App, go to “Today’s Golf”, click on “Sign In” and click on “Supplementary Score”. You will then be able to choose the course tees you intend to use and specify whether 9 or 18 holes. This MUST be done BEFORE starting your round.

On completion of your round, where possible return your hole by hole scores using the App and place your signed scorecard in the competition box. Ensure that the scorecard is noted “Supplementary Score” showing the date, tee time and the name of the marker and signed by the player.

If the premises are closed, place the card in the external ‘Post’ box on the left hand side of the entrance porch as viewed.

I wish you good golf but if the score was not your best, you will have enjoyed the great scenery!

Play Safe. Stay Safe.

George Auterson
Chair of Competition &Handicap
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