(WHS) Significant Change in Handicapping Rules

09 Apr (WHS) Significant Change in Handicapping Rules

(WHS) Significant Change in Handicapping Rules
In line with our regular communications relating to the implementation of WHS and a return to competitive golf, this week I would like to make you aware of a key item relating to score entry.

To align with the World Handicapping System the R&A has revised its Handicapping Rules. In particular you need to be aware of the following Rules relating to how to record your scores in the following circumstances:

• Holes NOT started / played and,
• Holes STARTED / PLAYED but a player does NOT HOLE OUT.

Rule 3.2/2 specifies that a player MUST add a designation against any score returned that INCLUDES HOLES NOT PLAYED.

What to record on your scorecard :-

• If a player started / played a hole but DID NOT HOLE OUT hole they should enter “0” as the score for the hole.

• If a player did NOT START TO PLAY the hole, then they should enter “NP” (Not Played) in the score box for the respective hole.


Hole Started / Played

Rule 3.3 specifies that the score for the hole should be recorded. If the player does not “hole out” enter “0” as the score for the hole. For Handicap record purposes this hole score will be recorded as a net double bogey.

Hole Not Started

Rule 3.2 gives some examples of valid reasons why a round may not be completed:

• Fading light or bad weather,
• Player injury or illness,
• A match finishing before a final hole, or
• A hole being taken out of play by Committee.

In summary,

If there is a valid reason for not completing a round, then subject to a minimum of 10 holes having been played, for Handicapping record purposes a hole score EQUAL TO NETT PAR will be recorded. N.B. The first hole not played between hole 10 and hole 14 is allocated as net par + 1 and the remainder as net par.

Rule 3.2/1 – if it is determined that a player has not played a hole or holes for an INVALID reason, the score is NOT acceptable for Handicap purposes.

Invalid reasons include:

• Not playing a difficult hole because of the likelihood of returning a high hole score.
• Not playing the final holes to avoid submitting a high or low score.

N.B. If it was determined that the decision to not play a hole / holes was to gain an unfair scoring advantage, then in either of these cases the Committee could add a penalty score to a players handicap scoring record.

RETURNING SCORES – on completion of a round.

At present we have disabled our PSi Terminals for score entry to keep the touch screen use to a minimum during COVID restrictions. When we enable this again and when returning scores via the PSi touch screen you will be given the option of ticking a DNP (Did Not Play) box for a hole NOT STARTED. At present the HDID App when returning scores does NOT have this option and our software providers are currently working to replicate this option.

Best Regards

George Auterson
Chair of C&H

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