WHS Update

15 Nov WHS Update

Following our intervention with England Golf (EG), to correct the Course Rating applied to imported scores, many seniors have expressed relief that their Handicap Index is now higher than initially indicated.

Earlier this week England Golf (EG) applied a fix to correct the Course Rating of 72 which was wrongly applied to scores imported for former Silsden GC members. Unfortunately, this did not resolve the problem. Yesterday I discussed the issue with the head of the EG WHS Team. The system has now been amended so we are expecting to see the changes flow through by Monday.

There has been a significant improvement in the automatic synchronisation of data between EG and software providers. It may take a little longer to achieve the complete exchange of information between the EG WHS Platform and our provider Club Systems which is linked to HowDidIDo.

Early next week, in line with EG guidance, your BGGC WHS Team will be reviewing specific anomalies that we have identified and we will be applying a materiality check for members whose Handicap Index is significantly above or below what we would have expected based on historical scoring records.

To assist your understanding of this process I have copied below the EG guidance to Handicap Committees but BGGC will adopt a more robust check than a two-shot variation between CONGU handicap and the new Handicap Index.

Fingers crossed for drier weather over the next few weeks and getting back to golf as soon as possible.

George Auterson
Chair of Competition & Handicap


England Golf Guidance:

If there has been a significant variance from a golfer’s handicap under CONGU to their new Handicap Index under WHS, the handicap committee can immediately review.

This should only affect a small minority of golfers. Our statistics show that the majority of golfers have witnessed a variation of less than two shots (either up or down) with the introduction of WHS.

A golfer’s Handicap Index under WHS is based on their demonstrated ability. The index is calculated by taking an average of the best eight from the last 20 scores on a player’s record dating back to January 2018.

It is inevitable when moving to a system based on demonstrated ability rather than potential that variations will occur after transition.

The more scores a golfer submits from social or competition play in accordance with the rules of golf, the more accurately the WHS index will reflect that player’s ability.

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