Winter Pairs 1st Round

31 Oct Winter Pairs 1st Round

First of all, many apologies for the Winter Pairs Result not making it to the Perfect Lie this week, a number of things cropped up and created the ‘perfect storm’.

It was great to see every team represented this weekend and some new names also, we feel this really does show how popular mixed competitions are at Bracken Ghyll.

Before we get into the results, it would be wrong not to say a huge well-done to 2 of teams who unfortunately this week had a player missing. Pat Murray minus Geoff Tindall and Christine Burgess minus Simon Wilkinson both returned great scores of 26 points!!! Who knows what scores you guys will have when you have 2 players!

Another mention goes to our Lady Captain – Shirin who scored a gross 2 on the 10th hole ……. with 2 shots ….. so returning a score of 2 for NONE for 5 points – incredible.

Scoring on the day was excellent and the runners up were Shirin and Ged with 35 points – thanks to Shirin’s 5 pointer 😊, but in first place with an eye watering 11 under and 37 points – remember its only 13 holes, were one of this year’s new teams with Helen Pike and Will Stoker. Don’t forget that the winners and runners up take a handicap reduction into their next round.


Pos Team Points
1 W. Stoker / H. Pike ** 37
2 G. Faricy / S. Borrett * 35 JOKER PLAYED
3 A. Mawson / G. Mawson 32
4 R. Beilby / A. Beilby 31
5 S. Thomas / A. Thomas 31 JOKER PLAYED
6 D. Lampkin / K. Lampkin 31 JOKER PLAYED
7 S. Whitley / C. Cox 31
8 M. Robertson / A. Robertson 31

**W. Stoker / H. Pike 37 – next round -2 handicap

*G. Faricy / S. Borrett – next round -1 handicap


But who played their Joker Round?

Well it seems to be the norm for one of the pair to enter the Joker and not tell the other! Sometimes it works ….. and sometimes it doesn’t. Well it worked for Simon and Ali Thomas …… Alison wasn’t aware Simon had played their Joker and they returned 31 points. Other pairs playing their joker were Karen and David and Shirin and Ged – so all pairs have 2 of their round one scores to pick from in the “best of”.

Well done everyone and we hope you enjoy the format.

The next round is on Sunday 8th November.

Stay safe and play well.


The Three Winter Pairs Amigos

Alex, Mike and Richard