Winter Pairs 2018-2019

12 May Winter Pairs 2018-2019

Winter Pairs 2018 – 19
Final Results of the 2018-19 Competition

Of the 21 pairs who entered this year’s competition 11 were mixed pairs and 10 were same gender pairs. Four pairs from each group qualified for the second, knockout phase.

Congratulations go to Alex and Gaynor Mawson who won first prize in the mixed pairs group and to Paul Gilderdale and Lee Hewett who won the first prize in the same gender pairs group. The runners up were Mike and Anne Robertson and Peter Gardiner and Tom Harder respectively.

The two winning pairs have now played each other for the trophy. Special congratulations go to Paul and Lee for winning the trophy.

I have organised Winter Pairs for two years now. I made one or two changes to the format, particularly the separation of the mixed pairs from the same gender pairs in the second knockout phase of the competition. I need to retire now from organising the competition so would be grateful to anybody who would be willing to take over next year.

Thank you to all those who took part in this year’s competition.

Kind regards

Neil Chadwick