Winter Pairs 2019 Update

30 Dec Winter Pairs 2019 Update

Winter pairs 22 December

Seems such a long time ago – by the time you read this, it was last year!! Only 10 pairs entered, on a cold and (how unusual – wet!!) day, with one couple putting their Joker (only the lady member new about it – until they had blobbed the 4th and 5th, then she owned up) – still they managed 26 points in the end – well done! Names can be passed on, via a contribution to the Captain’s charity!!

The leaders in the club house were Jane Lloyd and Simon Heathcote (and now current leaders) with 31 points. With Jo Hodgson and Andrew Johnson coming with 30 points, what is remarkable about this score, is, that Andy was playing on his own!! – And had a blob, must have eaten the right breakfast!! In 3rd, also on 30 was Pat (I can’t play in these conditions) Murray -, and yes she can, I marked her card – Neil wasn’t so tardy either!!

Next round is the 26 Jan – hopefully a little drier by then!!


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