Winter Pairs 2020-2021

11 Sep Winter Pairs 2020-2021

Winter Pairs 2020-2021
This year’s Winter Pairs is very similar format to last years, with just a couple of tweaks, to fall in line with recent rule changes and a couple of others, just because we like them!!
It is a 13 hole competition for mixed pairs run over 8 rounds (yes that’s one man and one woman, just in case you weren’t sure) Top 8 teams qualify for the knock out stage.
The first round is on Sunday 25 Oct. Sign up is either via How Did I Do, or in the pros shop, entry is £5.00 per person, for the whole competition, you must sign up before you play.
For those of you without a partner, you can either email or there will be a sheet on the notice board in the club house, where we will endeavour to find a partner for you.
It’s a fun competition, which proved the case last year, but please make sure you read the rules, before you start – some didn’t last year, being forced into playing their joker on the last round – didn’t go well!
If you have any questions, you can email us, or we are always around the club.
Look forward to seeing you over the winter

The 3 Amigos
aka Mike Robertson, Alex Mawson, Richard Beilby,

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