World Handicap System (WHS) goes LIVE on 2nd November

28 Sep World Handicap System (WHS) goes LIVE on 2nd November

World Handicap System (WHS) goes LIVE on 2nd November
It’s not long now before the new WHS (World Handicap System) goes live and every golfer needs to understand its impact on handicapping. To assist with this, Bracken Ghyll GC is providing you with support in a number of ways.

Online via our dedicated WHS Webpage: as previously notified we created a dedicated WHS webpage for our members on our main website and this can be accessed using the link:

In addition to a summary overview covering all the main elements and how they fit together, there are links to:

* additional resources, including Frequently Asked Questions
* a series of useful and easy to follow videos produced by England Golf

If you have not already done so I recommend that you familiarise yourself with the content of the overview. As more information becomes available we will update the site with new content.

In addition to the website content, over the next five weeks we will be focusing on particular aspects of the WHS to build your understanding. Look out for the WHS articles in Perfect Lie, Facebook, Twitter and Noticeboard posters.

WHS is new to us all and we recognize that it will take some time to get to grips with the detail.

We know that there is a lot of change but the webpage content alongside our focus on particular aspects will enable you to improve your understanding week by week. If you require further clarification on specific points, we have setup an email address: where we will respond to as many questions as possible.

Stay safe.

George Auterson
Chair of Competition & Handicap

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